nuraphone Gaming Bundle

Gain An Edge On The Competition

Bring Nuraphone’s personalised sound to your gaming experience with the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone. Experience game changing audio that amplifies your senses so you get closer to friends and ahead of foes.

Level Up Your Arsenal With Personalized Sound

Nura has revolutionised gaming audio, bringing enemies and environments into the sharpest focus. Adapted to your unique hearing profile, dive deeper into games than ever before. A true upgrade in hearing that will give you the competitive edge.

How The Science Works

Our ears hear different sound frequencies at different volume levels. nuraphone automatically adapts to your personal sensitivities so that low, mid and high frequencies are crystal clear.


Unparalleled Immersion

The nuraphone’s over-ear drivers deliver tactile bass you can feel, putting you right in the action and bringing your game to life.

The in-ear bud provides exceptional clarity in the mids and highs, you’ll never miss a beat.

Headphones Redefined

Revolutionary Features That Will Change The Way You Game Forever

All Day

20+ Hour battery life with smart automatic on/off.

Nura Personalised Sound

Personalised audio that adapts to your unique hearing.


Circulates air in and out of the ear cups, keeping your ears cool as you game.


Sliding steel headband, aluminium and biocompatible soft-touch silicone.

Ultimate Gaming Microphone

Compatible With
Xbox, PC/Mac, PlayStation, Switch and Mobile.

At Home Or On The Go

A detachable microphone means you have the versatility of a world class gaming setup and the ultimate headphones for enjoying music. Simply unplug the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone to enjoy your Nuraphone on the go.

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