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About Edwards Audio

Award Winning British Hi-Fi Designed And Made In Britain
With the introduction of the microgroove LP (Long Play) in 1948, engineers have strived to refine and evolve the art of vinyl replay. Edwards Audio has likewise evolved, but one constant has remained – our reputation for excellence in musicality and performance. A reputation that is built on strong foundations. Edwards Audio was created in 2009 by Kevin Edwards, the founder of TALK Electronics. From a determination to design and manufacture a range of high-fidelity products at an affordable price and most notably in the United Kingdom, Edwards Audio launched its first product – the MC1, a compact MM/MC phono stage. Many did not believe it was possible to design and manufacture an affordable range of hi-fidelity products from a UK manufacturing base, hence our brand tag line ‘Listen and Believe’. Today, from our factory in Virginia Water in Surrey our products continue to enjoy international 5 star reviews and awards. One recent award winning product includes our Edwards Audio TT4 turntable which was awarded ‘Product of the Year 2021’ by the prestigious German LP magazine. Resoundingly British by design, Edwards Audio products are made by a hardworking team of musicians for the enjoyment of all. ‘Listen and believe’ to embark on a new musical journey with Edwards Audio.  

About Q Acoustics

Designing Class-Leading, Award-Winning Loudspeakers Since 2006

In that time, Q Acoustics has redefined every market it has entered, from the affordable to the high-end, from stereo and home theatre sound to the revolutionary Q Active wireless audio system. Founded in 2006, in audio history terms, Q Acoustics is a relatively young company but our achievements have far exceeded out fledgling years. Formed by experts in the audio industry, they tasked themselves with making the best affordable loudspeakers in the world, recruiting world class acoustics engineers and industrial designers to make this a reality.

Since the introduction of the 1000 stereo and home theatre loudspeaker series in 2006, the company has continued to build on the success of this foundational and award-winning range, producing series after series of innovative, leading-edge and best-selling passive, wireless and home cinema loudspeakers. Q Acoustics’ unique approach is clear in the ground-breaking engineering and ingenious construction of its products – and the result is the most life-like, thrillingly realistic sound.

Our technology is the magic behind our unmatched acoustic performance. From our unique, resonance-silencing Gelcore™ cabinet construction, first introduced in our flagship Concept series of speakers, to our innovative P2P™ (Point-to-Point) bracing and HPE™ (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer) tube technology, Q Acoustics is committed to deliver these audio innovations throughout its loudspeaker ranges. Racking up a raft of 5 star, Highly Recommended, Best-in-Class, Editor’s Choice and Product of the Year awards from the world’s leading critics, these accolades simply confirm what every Q Acoustics owner already knows: Q Acoustics builds the most innovative, high-performance loudspeakers you can buy. 

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